"Our Goal Is To Free You To Focus On What's Truly Important In Your Life."

Philip L. Liberatore, Certified Public Accountant is a professional corporation providing accounting, consulting and tax preparation services to business and individuals throughout Southern California. We offer a full range of financial services and solutions with a revolutionary approach--we listen to our clients.

We tailor our efforts to meet each client's specific needs. With our expertise in accounting, taxation and financial management, we can provide exactly the right mix of knowledge and skills. Members of our firm regularly continue their education to keep current on the latest developments in their fields and expand their skills. And then we apply that knowledge and our skills towards effectively serving individual and business enterprises.

We're committed to successfully responding to our client's routine and unique needs. No matter how basic or challenging your needs, or how complicated your problems, or demanding your goals, we have the knowledge, vision and dedication to help.

After all, this nation was founded on the principle "No taxation without representation" and with a name like "Liberatore" we hold some truths to be self-evident.

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PRESIDENT OBAMA'S TAX PLAN - IRS tax expert with the IRS Problem Solvers Phil Liberatore joins Colleen Williams on Nonstop News LA to talk about President Obama's latest economic proposal that would require wealthy Americans to pay more taxes

AVOID THE AUDIT - Phil Liberatore, IRS Tax Specialist, joins Colleen Williams on Nonstop News LA to discuss how to fix mistakes, or avoid them in the first place, before the IRS comes knocking on your door.

Tax guru Phil Liberatore, host of Liberty Speaks Radio breaks down California budget cuts and plans for extended tax hikes with Colleen Williams on Nonstop News LA.



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